An advisory, tax, payroll and accounting team that provides dynamic solutions for foreign investors in France.
From a first and single point of contact — a new world of services can open to you.

Is your company planning to set up in France? Do you have concerns with such a move?

We understand the many international issues companies can face when setting up abroad:
- A ssistance and advice in the choice of legal form,
- R egistration with local tax authorities and social organisations,
- Drawing up of employment contracts,
- Familiarisation with local tax, legal, accounting and social obligations,
- Setting up of accurate and relevant accounting systems,
- Liaisons with bankers, lawyers, relocation experts,
- Domiciliation services.

Do you need advice and assistance in certain everyday tasks? We will give your company the chance to walk confidently in an unfamiliar environment.

We can act as a one-source point of coordination for your business needs and help you with the fundamentals:
- Financial reporting in accordance with client GAAP,
- M anagement of all accountancy operations and obligations,
- Compliance with French GAAP,
- Social, contractual and payroll assistance,
- Filing of tax returns and social declarations,
- Preparation of group tax package,
- Assistance with tax and social security audits,
- A dministration assistance: invoicing, payment preparation, accounts receivable and accounts payable,
- A ssuring global compliance obligations through a project management team.

Are you looking to expand your business? Are you seeking new markets? Are you preparing for a sale or reorganisation? Do you want to build investor confidence?

We believe in your growth potential and can point you in the right direction, accompanying you through the different life cycles of your company.
- C onsolidation of accounts as your company expands,
- A ssistance in negotiations and transactions (due diligences, restructuring...),
- Platform for outsourcing,
- Specialised IT solutions and installations,
- E xternalisation of bespoke teams and an interim executive service,
- A daptation of legal and fiscal structures to your company’s changes,
- R isk management analysis and business continuity plans.

Is French fiscal legislation confusing to you? Are you facing cashflow problems, litigation, or tax assessments? Do you believe your company has been undervalued? Are you facing staff or management shortages? Does your supply chain need to be optimised?

Inevitably with development and changing business environments, companies can be confronted with various complications, challenges or conflicts. We can bring you sector expertise and an independent and individualised perspective to help you through these moments and lift the burden. Through your contact with IBAS or any of our service lines, we can become part of, or be the solution.