Our National Tax Technology Center team has gathered tax experts from all over the country, divided into industry, tax categories and product research groups, to jointly create and share research results, and support the executive teams to provide high-quality professional services to customers.

We have a national tax technology center specializing in knowledge management and business support within the group (CNTTC).

• We focus on summarizing the difficulties and implementation calibre of China's tax policies, the front-end tax information of hot investment countries, and on the premise of fully communicating with China's tax authorities, global members and experts and scholars both inside and outside the industry, to ensure the unification of the quality of practice with offices and business teams in various parts of China.

• It provides a fast and effective communication channel for the preliminary consultation of tax policies and regulations of the public platform clients.

• Various tax policy seminars and training sessions are organised.

• The most advanced laws and regulations information prompt and interpretation, sharing resources on the public platform.