Regardless of mergers and acquisitions in China and abroad, we can provide you with the necessary tax support at all stages of the merger and acquisition cycle to help you complete relevant transactions in the most cost-effective way.

We will integrate every tax support required according to different stages of the transaction cycle, thus providing you with a complete set of tax services. We can assist you in the following services, or according to your special needs at a specific stage in the transaction process, we can provide corresponding services to help you complete the transaction.

Phase 1: Transaction strategy - Pre-transaction planning assists the buyer in assessing the potential of tax optimization schemes for target companies and mergers and acquisitions.

The second stage: transaction execution

• Tax due diligence

Identify tax risks and tax assets, analyze the corresponding tax impacts, and obtain the information needed for tax framework planning and tax model establishment.。

• Tax structure planning

Analyze potential tax optimization framework, predict cash flow impact and related tax costs.。

• Equity transfer agreement review

Assisting in the formulation of tax related disclosure, guarantee and compensation clauses。

• Tax documents and job handover

To ensure the continuity of tax work, assist in sorting out the required tax documents and tax work lists when delivering assets.。

Third stage: transaction effectiveness - post transaction solution

Assist in ensuring the effective implementation of the anticipated tax structure and in solving possible tax problems after mergers and acquisitions.