With the promotion of "one belt and one road", Chinese enterprises' "going out" has attracted wide international attention. At present, the development of Chinese enterprises in overseas investment is still at an initial stage. The gradual promotion of the "one belt and one way" initiative has undoubtedly brought unprecedented opportunities for Chinese enterprises to invest overseas. At the same time, in the global integration of resources and services, enterprises are faced with the following multiple challenges.

• Making market entry strategy

• Find the right partners

• understanding local policies and regulations

• Meet China's regulatory requirements

• Planning a reasonable tax structure

• Adapt to regional differences in language and culture

We are committed to providing a full range of professional services for the "one belt and one way" strategic development of enterprises, and hope to become a business consultant who is growing with you.

The "one belt and one road" of enterprise layout requires first the concept of international vision and integration and coordination. Secondly, we need to understand the economic planning of the countries along the border and integrate it with their long-term strategy. We suggest that enterprises consider many factors, such as formulating strategies, financing M&A, protecting wealth, managing risks, optimizing operation and talent strategy.

Zhitong China has a professional team focusing on overseas services, consisting of five lines of business: audit, taxation, consultation, evaluation and engineering cost. They are familiar with overseas regulations, financial and operational processes, proficient in local languages and cultures, and seamlessly connect with international members and domestic service teams. Provide comprehensive services for overseas enterprises.

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