The cyclical change of business cycle will bring about drastic changes in the future of enterprises and even seriously affect the business value of enterprises. The core purpose of our work is to protect or create shareholder value. To achieve this goal, we provide you with the choice of business performance improvement, financial and operational restructuring, bankruptcy liquidation, supervision trustees and other services.

It has the rich experience of helping enterprises to solve complex cross-border reorganization and bankruptcy matters.

Our team provides professional consulting services to enterprises in the following areas:

  • Crisis Stabilisation and Turnaround Consulting
  • Accelerated M&A
  • Asset Recovery and Tracing
  • Exit Strategy Services
  • Corporate Insolvency
  • Monitoring Trustee

downloadDownload 《重整与重组服务-助力企业持续性复苏并实现价值最大化 2023》
downloadDownload 《重整与重组服务-EN-Recovery and Reorganisation 2023》
downloadDownload 《面对困境,企业如何以退为进 2023》
downloadDownload 《破产和资产回收业务-不良贷款(NPLs)和不良债权回收服务 2023》
downloadDownload 《ARF NPL's & Distressed Debt work-out services 2023》
downloadDownload 《疫情下困境企业的复苏之轮-—— 困境企业视角 2023》
downloadDownload 《Grant Thronton Resilience Wheel Placemat 2023》