Corporate tax service
Our tax service team may help you optimize your holding structure of your investment in China, improve the specific arrangements for trading, implement reasonable tax planning and conduct timely and effective tax claims. If you have an acquisition and merger plan, we may provide you with the tax support you need over all stages of the M&A cycle. It is also the routine work of our registered tax agents to provide tax certification reports in accordance with statutory requirements for various areas such as corporate income tax settlement, asset loss approval, and corporation cancellation.

Personal income tax service
Our professional personal income tax service team may provide a full range of services for foreigners who work in China, including personal income tax plan optimization, visa services,tax claims, consultation with tax authorities and filing records, etc. We also provide personal income tax risk check and payroll structure optimization from the enterprise level, so that you may effectively integrate the employment system of Chinese local employees and the international expatriate plans into the organizational development strategy of the company.

Transfer pricing service
Facing the increasingly stringent transfer pricing regulatory requirements in China, our transfer pricing experts are committed to providing you with all-round professional transfer pricing services, including transfer pricing risk assessment, benchmarking analysis, transfer pricing concurrency data, audit management and dispute resolution, advance pricing arrangements and supply chain planning.