Grant Thornton and ACCA jointly hold roundtable on the Future of Auditing

On April 10, theroundtable"the Future of Auditing", jointly organized by Grant Thornton and theAssociation of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), was held at China WorldHotel in Beijing. More than 20 representatives from , regulatory bodies, listedcompanies and audit firm in Beijing attended the roundtable and had adiscussion about the changes of international auditing reporting standards andits impacts, the value and challenges of financial statement auditing , as wellas the information needs and the expectation from financial institutions. Theroundtable series have been successfully held in the UK, Singapore and Ukraine,and will continue to be held in other countries in the near future. After theroundtables, Grant Thornton and ACCA will issue a report featuring the wisdomof global business leaders on the future of audit industry, based on extensiveresearch conducted by the two organizations as well as the opinions and ideascollected from the roundtable series worldwide. We hope through suchroundtables we can inspire insight, promote continuous evolution of auditing,and make contributions to the industry transformation in the next five years oran even longer term.