Grant Thornton 投英 Tou Ying Tracker 2016

The latest trends in Chinese investment in the UK

"The Grant Thornton Tou Ying Tracker (Tou Ying means invest in the UK) developed in collaboration with China Daily, which identifies the top 25 fastest-growing Chinese companies in the UK as measured by percentage revenue growth year-on-year, based on the latest published accounts, and provides a unique insight into the business activities, locations and performance of those companies."

This is the fourth edition of the Grant Thornton Tou Ying Tracker, which identifies the fastestgrowing Chinese companies in the UK. Over the last four years we have followed the fortunes of these trailblazing businesses, as well as looking beyond the headline numbers to tell the real story of Chinese investment in the UK.
This year the Tracker is divided into two categories, analysing the top 16 fastest-growing state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and the top 14 privately-owned Chinese companies in the UK separately. This reflects the changing pattern of Chinese overseas investment and shows that China’s thriving private sector is increasingly forging its own path, following the lead of its more established SOEs.

With a combined turnover of £9.8 billion, these companies are making an important contribution to the UK economy and helping to create a sustainable environment in which existing and new Chinese businesses can flourish. This is very much in line with the Chinese government’s ‘one belt, one road’ policy to create a new ‘Silk Road’ of trade links and markets.

This year’s Tracker is based on analysis of the performance of Chinese companies in the UK prior to the EU referendum. However it provides some important insights into both opportunities and challenges of continued Chinese investment in the UK. Harnessing the vast potential for investment from China may be one of the keys to a vibrant and sustainable economic future for the UK post-Brexit.

According to a report by China’s Administration for Industry and Commerce (AIC) there are around 77 million registered companies in China, of which an estimated 150,000 have the potential to grow into international businesses and invest overseas. The 280 companies currently established in the UK are therefore merely the tip of the iceberg.

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