Today marks the 113th International Women's Day, and the International Women's Day (IWD) organisation's theme for this year is 'Embrace Equality'. The theme calls on everyone to challenge gender stereotypes, break down prejudices, and seek a diverse and inclusive culture.

To celebrate the festival and respond to the theme of International Women's Day and Grant Thornton China's Business Women's Survey initiative, Grant Thornton China's Chairman and CEO launched the 'Embrace Equality Now' campaign. Invitees have been responding and relaying the message to promote equality, and the campaign has been rapidly spreading on social media. 

Li Huiqi, CEO of Grant Thornton China, stated this Grant Thornton has always supported a diverse and inclusive culture. The company is committed to promoting gender equality and providing equal opportunities for women to grow. It is hoped that all professional service organizations and enterprises in China will eventually take practical steps to address this global issue.

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