Audit services

Grant Thornton leverages local and global knowledge and expertise to ensure the mission is completed smoothly

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Tax services

We could help you in tax services including corporate tax, personal income tax and transfer pricing

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Asset evaluation services

The professional services of the overall value for the company and asset assessment will help managers better understand the value of relevant transactions, and select the best implementation plan for strategic and practical operations

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Risk management and internal control services

Since today s business environment is full of complexity and uncertainty, how to identify, evaluate and manage the various risks from information systems, business operations and other areas is the basis for enterprises to survive and thrive in the competition

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M&A advisory services

Our advisory team may provide you with comprehensive support, including market research, target selection, strategic planning and feasibility evaluation

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Forensic service

Our professional team have rich experience of rigorous data analysis, investigation, computer or mobile forensics services, and legal experience to help you cope with the crisis

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Japan Desk of Grant Thornton China is a specialized organization that offers the Japanese entities the excellent service, set up in cooperation with  Grant Thornton Japan (audit and certified tax accountant), which is also a member of Grant Thornton Internaltional.Grant Thornton China, as the initial Chinese certified accountanting firms in Beijing, set up Japan deak depending on the 30-years experience serving the foreign investment clients. Japan Desk has established the expert support system using Chinese and Japanese to provide all-line services of Grant Thornton, and its Japanese certified accountants reside in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Japan Desk provides the diversified services that can adapt to international standards, Chinese standards and Japanese standards for Japanese investment enterprises in China, including Hong Kong, and provides up to 9 kinds of professional services including statutory audit, taxation, asset appraisal, comprehensive consulting, transfer pricing and others, as well as the highly comprehensive services. In addition, Japan Desk may cooperate with the China Desk of Grant Thornton Japan to establish communication relations with the Japanese parent companies of Chinese foreign enterprises and extend service scope. Japan Desk has the comprehensive business planning, proposal and implementation ability against Japanese enterprise, and its professionals, who are familiar with Japanese laws and regulations, business practices, have accumulated rich experience  for Japanese companies. The top quality and satisfied services are not only offered to the large enterprises, but also to all kinds of medium and small Japanese customers in development stage.

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