Planning & advisory

We offer a range of tax planning and advisory services:

  • corporate tax structure �C review and advice for cross border investments

  • transaction support and advice for group restructuring, reorganisation, mergers and acquisitions

  • transfer pricing

  • expatriate taxation

  • dispute resolution

    • consultation and negotiation with tax authorities

    • managing tax audit with tax authorities

    • representing clients in tax appeals

We also provide the following services:

Tax assurance*

Conducting tax assurance and issuing tax certification audit reports pursuant to local tax requirements for the purpose of:

  • annual settlement of enterprise income tax

  • tax deduction for loss of assets

  • final settlement of land appreciation tax

  • final settlement of real property development enterprises

  • final tax settlement of enterprise in liquidation

  • certification of new technology enterprises

Application for Tax Incentives and Treaty Treatment*

Application for tax and fiscal incentives available for

  • qualified Advanced Technology Service Enterprise

  • qualified Hi-tech Technology Enterprise

  • income derived from qualified technology development and transfer

  • super-deduction for R&D expenses

  • compliance with filing requirements for application of tax treaty treatment and foreign currency payment

  • on dividend, interest, royalties, capital gain income

  • record register applicable to clauses of PE, business profit, independent and dependent personal services

*China only