2018 National Partners Conference held in Hangzhou

On Sep 19-20, the 2018 National Partners Conference was held in Hangzhou, wheremore than 200 partners from Grant Thornton China and representatives from 20 member firms of Grant Thornton International Ltd(GTIL)’s global network attended. The conference started with Peter Bodin, CEO of GTIL’s opening remarks. He briefed Grant Thornton’s 2020 Strategy, emphasising that helping female employees to break through the glass ceiling to reach management level is part of the strategy

Peter Bodin Peter Bodin, CEO of GTIL

Subsequently, Xu Hua, CEO of Grant Thornton China, reviewed the development achievements while analysing the internal andexternal challenges. He pointed out that more efforts will be done to improve internal governance, management and operational efficiency.

XuHua, CEO of Grant Thornton China

Two guests including Zhang Yi, deputy CFO from Zhejiang Geely Holding Group and Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan were invitedto present. Mr. Zhang introduced Geely’s development from aspects of innovation, culture and finance as well as cooperation with Grant Thornton. Mr Snynor gave an overview of the investment environment of the US, emphasising the critical role of accountants in trade between China and the US.

A ceremony was held to launch the 3-year New Great Wall Project which was one of Grant Thornton China’s CSR activities with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation. The project was initiated to financially help poverty-striken high school students to enter into college. Meanwhile, Grant Thornton China’s Public Service Management Group was established officially.

Launching ceremony of the 3-year New Great Wall Project