Grant Thornton wins three awardsin the 16th China Equity Investment Annual Forum

On December 6-8, the 16th China Equity Investment Annual Forum,jointly organized by Zero2IPO Group, PE Daily and Lenovo Capital and Incubator Group, was held in Beijing, attracting over 3,000 people from the equity investment industry. The forum lasted for three days covering six high-level dialogues,10 break-out sessions and numerous speeches that explored changes and reform of capital market under the economic new normal from perspectives of economic trend,development strategy and industry landscape. Cao Yang, partner of Grant Thornton,was invited to the forum and took part in apanel discussion themed“Exit strategy: junction of IPO, M&A and the new third board”.


Chao Yang pointed out that many Chinese companies listed in oversea capital markets started to realize that overseas investors might not always understand well the way Chinese businesses operated and many small and mid-sized enterprises started to return to domestic capital market.IPO, M&A or the new third board, as the available exit channels for equity investment, should be carefully chosen according to the specific needs. Also it was of great importance to make sure companies have a robust and healthy financial system in place.

The 2016 China Equity Investment Annual Rankings by Zero2IPO Group was unveiled on December 8. Grant Thornton China was the only CPA firm to be included in the following three rankings including 2016 Top 5 auditing agencies for overseas listed companies (supported by VC or PC),2016 Top 10 auditing agencies for domestic listed companies (supported by VC or PC)and 2016 Top 10 auditing agencies fornewthird board listed companies(supported by VC or PC).