Grant Thornton successfully assists China Film Co., Ltd in getting listed in A-share

China Film Group Co. started trading its A-shares at the Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 9, 2016. The company issued 1,867,000,000 A-shares, with 467,000,000 A-shares starting trading from August 9. The stock abbreviation is “China Film” and its stock code is“600977”. China Film Group Co. Ltd. received the approval for its IPO on July 8, 2016 and raised funds of over RMB 4 billion, making it the largest IPO inthe culture and media industry in China. As the auditor of China Film Group Co., Grant Thornton has provided services including annual audit and special audit to the company for many years.

The film industry in China has entered a golden era of explosive growth in recent years. China’s box office in 2015 reached RMB 44.069 billion, up 48.7% from the previous year, making it the fastest annual growth since 2011. In this booming industry, China Film Group Co. Ltd. has expanded its business gradually to film production, film distribution, film screening and film related services. China Film Group Co.Ltd., the industry leader in China, has formed a complete and competitive industry chain in the film industry and is often referred to as the “National Team” of A share in China’s film industry.