CSR--Opening ceremony of the “New Great Wall Self-reliance Class” sponsored by Grant Thornton

In September 2014, Grant Thornton and China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation jointly kicked off the "New Great Wall" project in Heshui No.1 Middle School in Gansu Province, offering financial support to poverty-stricken high-school students there. Grant Thornton will be offering a total of 300,000 RMB grant in 3 years to 50 students in the school, enabling them to complete their high school education.

On June 1, 2015, headed by Xu Hua, CEO of Grant Thornton China, and accompanied by Wei Liqiu from the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation, Liang Qingmin, managing partner of the Taiyuan office; Li Sheli, managing partner of the Xi’an office, Liao Zemei, head of human resources of the Xi’an office and volunteer representative Luo Xinsheng,  a Grant Thornton delegation of 8 people visited Heshui No.1 Middle School to inaugurate the opening of a “self-reliance class” under Grant Thorton’s “New Great Wall” project and to meet the subsidized students. Local dignitaries such as Li Chunhuan, deputy head of Heshui County and Shao Senqi, the head of the poverty relief office of Heshui County, and staff members from No.1 Middle School, also attended the opening ceremony.

At the opening ceremony, Xu Hua and Xu Yuexin, the party secretary of Heshui No.1 Middle School, unveiled the nameplate of the “New Great Wall Self-reliance Class” and presented students with the symbolic class flag. Xu Hua encouraged the students to set a clear goal, strive for it, and become useful to society. Liang Qingmin and Li Sheli presented the students with English-Chinese dictionaries and some stationaries prepared by Grant Thornton.

Luo Xinsheng, the volunteer representative of Grant Thornton, shared his own experiences with the students, and encouraged them to cherish the opportunity to make their dreams come true.

All students then pledged to study hard and pursue their dreams despite all adversities and strive to pay back to society.

After the opening ceremony, the students had a Q&A session with the Grant Thornton delegation, discussing their daily life experience and challenges they’re facing in making choices.  The class room was filled with enthusiasm and joy. To express their deep appreciation, the students also prepared handmade gifts for the delegation.

On June 2, the delegation, accompanied by the school leaders, visited three students’ families. The families were plunged into poverty due to either meager income or parent’s illness. Nevertheless, the students from these families have rather good performance in school.

Xu Hua inquired about the families’ circumstances, including family members, income, and parent’s health condition. He encouraged the students to be confident and determined to overcome difficulties. He also presented gifts and additional amount of money to these families.

The Heshui “New Great Wall Self-reliance Class” is just one of Grant Thornton’s corporate social responsibility projects.

From 2011 to 2014, Grant Thornton has donated 300,000 RMB to 50 poverty-stricken students of Ai Kou Middle School, located in Susong Town, Anhui Province. The funds helped those students graduate from high school.

Because of these achievements, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation honored Grant Thornton with the "2013 Annual Poverty Alleviation Love Award".  

Moreover, Grant Thornton  has joined the "Heart-linked funding " program, initiated and sponsored by the China Certified Tax Agents Association (CCTAA), at Jilin University of Finance and Economics, aiming to help poor students majoring in tax studies complete their college studies.

Furthermore, Grant Thornton has also financially supported Aba No.1 Primary School, helping the school to improve its infrastructure and daily operation. 10 students from poor families studying at Aba No.1 Primary School were selected as long-term funding recipients whom Grant Thornton will subsidize until they graduate from primary school.

Grant Thornton aims to providing long-term support for more poverty-stricken students, rather than one or two groups of impoverish students.

As CEO Xu Hua said at the opening ceremony of the “New Great Wall Self-reliance class, “We sincerely hope that students would be able to unlock their potential for growth through these projects and to pursue their dreams, and to contribute to the society.”