Grant Thornton: Food and beverage study

Driven by rising optimism and new export opportunities in emerging markets, food and beverage companies are poised to increase investment in the growth of their companies over the next couple of years. According to a report from Grant Thornton, the new found optimism from companies in the sector is leading 90% to expect revenues to increase, with a third predicting sales growth of over 10%. However, Grant Thornton cautions that the growth is unlikely to generate an upsurge in jobs across the sector.

The new report, ‘Hunger for growth: food and beverage looks to the future’, points to a fresh direction for the global food and beverage sector amid an improved global economic outlook. Companies are focused on generating growth whilst maintaining and enhancing profits. Over half of business leaders in the sector anticipate an increase in profitability of over 6%. A quarter think growth of over 10% is likely.

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