"Chairmen Now: Wisdom from China’s enterprises and entrepreneurs" Forum held in Shanghai

On May 20th,the‘Chairmen Now: Wisdom from China’s enterprises and entrepreneurs’Forum was held in The House of Roosevelt,Shanghai. Asa monthly event of the Association for Corporate Growth (ACG),the forum was organized and convened by Grant Thornton partner Mike Creasy, member of ACG. Leaders from enterprises in different fields were invited to the forum.

As more and more multinational enterprises start to look at the Chinese market, Chinese entrepreneurs have become a window for the worldto understand China. The Thoughts of Chairman Now (TOCN), co-published by Grant Thornton International Ltd and WPP, contains a series of dialogues with C-Suite executives from 14 important Chinese companies.  Since its publication, TOCN has attracted widespread attention in the industry, and many professionals have expressed that they found the thoughts ofthese Chinese entrepreneurs documented in the book quite inspiring. On the forum, Mike Creasy, together with Jon Geldart, markets development executive director of Grant Thornton International Ltd., and afew other experts had an in-depth discussion on how could enterprises unlock their potential forgrowth in the Chinese market, on which they provided relevant suggestions.