Grant Thornton delivers keynote speech at 2014 Global CFO Leadership Summit

On May 22nd and 23rd, the 2014 Global CFO (Chief Finance Officer) Leadership Summit was held at Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing. On the theme of “Innovation reshapes value, reform drives future growth”, the summit explored challenges CFOs are facing and the roles of CFOs in driving enterprise reform in the new century. More than 300 CFOs from well-known global enterprises, including EDF Group’s global CFO, Adidas Group’s global CFO and AP Construction Group’s CFO attended the summit. Together with China's fiscal and taxation policy makers,  the attendees exchanged ideas and shared experience with each other, weaving the future blueprint for enterprise growth.

Since entering the new century, leading economies have been lingering on edges of crisis and recovery, and the economic growth rate of each country fluctuates. Although the rise of emerging markets provides plenty of opportunities for the internationalisation of enterprises, uncertainties still remain. Faced with future development opportunities, enterprise decision makers desire for more financial guidelines to stimulate enterprise innovation and to drive the realisation of future value. Among these, CFO’s role is crucial. More and more enterprises regard the CFO as the lead to drive enterprise reform, which is a formidable challenge for CFOs.  

At the summit, Grant Thornton advisory services partner Erwin Hong delivered a keynote speech, “How to establish a comprehensive system of financial management and internal control”. In the speech, Erwin analyzed problems and challenges encountered in risk management and internal control in enterprise, pointed out the trend of role transformation in financial management in the future, and explained the framework of building of financial management system in enterprise, with the aim of  helping Chinese enterprises to overcome difficulties and avoid risks. Erwin also had an in-depth communication and discussions with the audience after the speech.

This is the second leadership summit focusing on Global CFOs. As a sponsor, Grant Thornton has been deeply involved in the summit in the past two years. The summit includes multiple links like keynote speeches, high-end interviews, peak dialogues, main sessions and panel sessions.