Grant Thornton latest IBR "Real estate & construction report 2014" released

Grant Thronton's latest International business report (IBR) Real estate & construction report 2014 was released.This report draws on more than 700 interviewswith business leaders in 45 economies to understand how the real estate &construction sector is recovering from the financial crisis. According to thereport, real estate & construction sector in mainland China is relativelyconfident towards the development in 2014, while 18% enterprises interviewed arevery optimistic for the their sector, and the ratio of enterprises that feelslightly optimistic, either optimistic nor pessimistic and slightly pessimisticare 36.40%,24.20%  and 21.20%respectively.

From global perspective, business leadersin the sector are markedly more optimistic about expanding their operations in2014 compared with this time last year. Net 46% of businesses expect to increaserevenues over the next 12 months, which represents an eight percentage pointyear-on-year increase. Similarly, profitability expectations for the sectorglobally have risen to 38%, up from 33% last year. Moreover, 30% of sector businessesglobally expect to hire workers in 2014, marginally above the all-sector average.

Please find the full report Real estate & construction report 2014 for more information