Political and economic turmoil in 2011 slowed the rocovery of global economy in the next year

We have witnessed a large amount of political and economic turmoil over the past 12 months, from uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa to the tsunami in Japan and the sovereign debt crisis in the euro zone. Resulting volatility in commodity prices, disruptions to supply chains and general uncertainty has impacted businesses across the globe, slowing the recovery in both mature and emerging markets.

As the IBR enters its 20th year, the global economic outlook is uncertain and social unrest is growing. In mature markets, debt crises and the impact of ageing populations remain unresolved whilst emerging markets are grappling with persistent inflation and a shortage of skilled workers. As technology advances, competition increases and the balance of economic power flows to high-growth markets such as Brazil, China and India, the global economy is undoubtedly entering a new phase.

To download the IBR report, please click:  IBR 2011 The global economy in 2012--- a rocky road to recovery.