Why Grant Thornton

Pursuing common growth
Grant Thornton China values employees who are willing to grow with the company. We invest heavily in training them because we hope they will become our key employees in the future. In fact, many of our junior and senior managers have been growing together with us for decades.

Every individual is important
We believe that each of our people has his or her own unique cultural background, values and potential. Our aim is to offer them a stage on which they can grow and excel to the fullest extent within a culture that nurtures both their personal and professional development.

Inspire your innovative capacity
While the accountancy profession increasingly emphasises the consistent application of management methods and best practices nowadays, Grant Thornton also believes in encouraging our people to make use of their personal insights and aptitudes. We will quickly teach you about the general practices and the industry norms, which will form the framework in which you can make your own unique contributions.

Highly efficient career path
We will provide you with an environment full of professional growth opportunities and scope for rapid career advancement as you participate in projects and deliver key client services. We know that offering you challenges and trust will give you more chances to prove and develop yourself. Within a few years, you may find your professional capabilities have surpassed those of your classmates in other firms.

Excellent work-life balance
We don't advocate working long extra hours, because we believe  that a good life, good health and a fulfilling career are equally important. Our hope is that each of our employees will enjoy a quality life while working efficiently and with commitment.

Training plans for improvement
We attach great importance to employee training, and we spare no effort to build up a systematic, comprehensive and appropriate structure for this. That is because we believe learning is the best way to tap the potential of our employees and empowerthem to flourish in their careers. Our training schedules are varied, interesting and challenging. Most importantly, they will show you how easily you can put your knowledge into practice.

Global career development
Grant Thornton China makes full use of Grant Thornton International's global network and the resources of all its member firms. Employees from many different countries often work side by side in a single Grant Thornton office. We also send our Chinese employees to work overseas.