Hong Kong

The 2019 graduate recruitment process

Self selection

Take our advice: check out our website, speak to our people and decide if what we have to offer is a fit for you.

Apply online

Apply through our website before deadline: 31 January 2019 (for local students), 30 June 2019 (for overseas students).

Academic qualifications

Generally you will need an above average GPA throughout your degree, with special emphasis placed on your accounting courses. Language scores from your university entrance exams would also be considered.

Group interview & written test

If you meet the initial selection criteria, you will be invited to group interview conducted at either your university campus or our office. You will do a written test in essay form on the day of group interview.

Final interview

Shortlisted candidates will attend a face to face interview with one of our senior leaders.

Offer extended

Successful candidates will receive email notice with official offers being extended.