Our values

Offering Added-Value Services

Our clients are one of its major assets. Receptive to and aware of constantly changing expectations, the firm’s professionals anticipate needs, recommend innovative solutions and provide quality services. Their synergistic approach and diversified expertise mean that clients benefit from an overall multidisciplinary approach that helps them attain their business objectives。

Anticipating Business Trends

To see changes as opportunities for setting new goals and transforming constraints into springboards for success is the credo of Grant Thornton. Our approach to emerging market trends, superior qualifications and proven experience coupled with the firm’s sustained investment in development produce groundbreaking solutions that are in sync with the ever-changing business world.

Sharing Created Value and Generated Growth

For Grant Thornton China, development, performance, and continuity are the fruit of constant improvement in services and business processes. Everyone actively contributes to this ongoing quest for excellence and works towards having our clients, employees and partners benefit from it.

Asserting our Commitment in Communities

Economic and social involvement is a priority. we give our community and environmental performances equal importance to that of our financial and business ones.

To achieve our global vision, we capitalise on our strengths by embracing the following values:

  • Unite through global Collaboration

  • Demonstrate Leadership in all we do

  • Promote a consistent culture of Excellence

  • Act with Agility

  • Ensure deep Respect for people

  • Take Responsibility for our actions