Grant Thornton China has endeavoured to shoulder its corporate responsibility by supporting social programs for the public good, especially poverty alleviation programs in education.

Grant Thornton "New Great Wall" program

In collaboration with China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation (CFPA), Grant Thornton China participated in the "New Great Wall" project, which was launched in year 2011, and has since funded 50 poverty-stricken students at Aikou Middle School in Susong Town in Anhui Province. More than half of these students managed to enter university, including three students enrolled by China��s top universities, nine students enrolled by ordinary universities and 22 students enrolled by vocational colleges. Because of these achievements, the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation honoured Grant Thornton China with the "2013 Annual Poverty Alleviation Love Award".

From September 2014, Grant Thornton China started to fund another 50 students from Heshui No.1 Middle School in Gansu Province, continuing to offer financial support to the 50 high-school students. A total fund of RMB300,000 Yuan will be released through the new great wall program in three academic years.

To better understand the student��s family situation and to build a closer relationship with the 50 subsidized students, on June 1, 2015, headed by Xu Hua, CEO of Grant Thornton China, a delegation of eight people from different offices of China firm visited Heshui No.1 Middle School and attended the inauguration ceremony of the ��self-reliance class", where the 50 subsidized students study at. The delegation also visited three students�� families and presented stationaries and additional amount of money to the families in need. In addition to  the financial support, over 50 employees from Grant Thornton China  volunteered to be pen-pals with these students, so that they can write letters to the students, offering them mental support and motivation.

Grant Thornton China aims to providing long-term support for more poverty-stricken students, helping them to unlock the potential for growth. ��We sincerely hope that these projects can make a difference to student��s lives and inspire the students to pursue their dreams against adversity and to pay back society with strength and faith.��said CEO Xu Hua.

Aba student program

The Aba project  targets poor pupils at the Aba No.1 Primary School, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province. Besides regular visits to school with donated stationary, and financial contributions to support the infrastructure construction and the daily operation of the school, Grant Thornton also offer 10 students from poverty-stricken families with long-term funding till their graduation from primary school.

Grant Thornton tax team ��Heart-linked funding�� program
Initiated and sponsored by the China Certified Tax Agents Association (CCTAA), Grant Thornton tax team participated the ��Hearts-linked funding�� program in 2013. The program aimed at helping poverty-stricken students to complete their college studies by offering them financial  aids.